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Sunday January 24 2010 / Art & Design

dornob.com is an excellent Blog featuring art, design, architecture and more. Here are a few ultra modern houses that they recently posted which which caught our eye.

Rabtilla Residence by Michael Rantilla

As is often the case, difficult terrain and space restrictions can be a powerful catalyst for innovative design and that's certainly true here with the building lifted out over the ground around it. As this was the architech's own home, creativity was at the fore.

A vertical concrete mass in the center allows for the three flooors to be cantilevered over space, which creates sheltered open spaces below. On the inside, it appears that the rooms grow out into the forest, creating a connection with nature. The central core allows easy circulation and access.

Shell Villa by ARTechnic

Lying stark white amoung the surrounding vegitation, this curvy tubular villa looks to have been dropped from space. But while it contrasts sharply with its surroundings, the stunning structure sensually weaves itself into its environment in an elegent way.

Each room and space flows into the next. The two predominant colours are white (for the exterior and some furniture) and wood for virtually everything else and these ensure that the design works as a whole.

Hilltop home in Malaysia by the TYL Design Group

This massive home in Malaysia took five long years to design and build and drawfs the more modest scale of the surrounding residential neighborhood. Not surprisingly, the owners are  real estate professional who have shaped city skylines, and it appears they have taken the same approach to shaping their neighbourhood.

The impressive architectural curves and generous size are fully translated from the exterior to the interior design, as do the curvilinear forms and other distinctive features of the outer facade. High ceilings, large windows and a mixture of warm and cool tones are seen throughout.

For the latest and most interesting trends in design, please visit dornob.com 

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