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Saturday April 14 2007 / Science & Technology

Those of you who have been following my postings on Our World, have probably well understood that I have a real soft spot for courageous entrepreneurs who share a common passion for creating incredible (driving, diving, ticking, …) machines.

Ben Scott-Geddes and Graham Halstead, two engineers who helped develop the iconic, and probably unsurpassed, McLaren F1 road car 14 years ago, have teamed up to reinvent the supercar concept. Their recently founded company, Caparo, released the first designs of the T1 in Car Magazine over a year ago.

While most brands are adding horsepower, gadgetry, electronics and therefore weight, these engineers have followed the path Colin Chapman had first advocated many decades ago: cut the weight and develop a superb chassis.

The result will surely be phenomenal: 500 bhp for 500kg in a road-legal car, with cornering and brakingcapability of 3G! To put that in some perspective, that is nearly double the power to weight ratio of the Bugatti Veron.

The Caparo T1 is announced to be tested for the first time at the Goodwood festival of speed in June. I wish the creators the incredible success they so largely deserve.

No guts, no glory !

For more information on this mind-blowing machine, please check out www.caparo-t1.com and/or the excellent on-line article at www.gizmag.com.

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