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Sunday January 4 2009 / Science & Technology

British inventor Josh Silver, a former professor of physics at Oxford University, has come up with a life-changing for millions design with his water-lensed glasses.

The water-filled lenses can be produced by the millions and adjusted on-site by the users themselves, many of whom stand less than a one in a million chance of ever visiting with an optometrist.

In Ghana, Silver met a man who had been forced to retire as a tailor because he could no longer see to thread the needle - he was about 35 years old-  We put these specs on him, and he smiled, and threaded his needle, and sped up with this sewing machine. He can work now. He can see!"

Adaptive glasses

The starting point for the development of Adaptive Eyecare's technology was the astonishing statistic that according to the World Health Organization there are currently around one billion people - including 10% of school children - in the world who would benefit from vision correction, but are as yet uncorrected.

Most of these people live in the developing world, and the problem arises principally because the numbers of personnel trained to deliver vision correction in the conventional way are simply inadequate to meet the needs of the people. These statistics have profound implications - they mean that hundreds of millions of adults do not have the vision correction they need to be socially and economically active, and many children are educationally and socially disadvantaged.

The approach of Adaptive Eyecare has been to develop a completely new ophthalmic lens technology which permits them to manufacture revolutionary new spectacles which are universal, in the sense that one pair may be used to correct the vision of over 90% of people requiring correction.

The special feature is that the wearer can adjust the power of each lens to his or her own requirements - this is particularly useful for developing world populations in areas which do not have adequate numbers of those specially trained personnel normally associated with the provision of vision correction.

Adaptive Eyecare's adaptive lenses are fluid- filled and the power is changed by varying the amount of fluid in the lens. The power range of our lenses is +6 to -6 Dioptres, and the optical quality is similar to that of the typical human eye.

For more information please visit www.adaptive-eyecare.com/

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