Performance art - Moonmachine

Performance art - Moonmachine



MOONMACHINE by Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva is the first of the MB&F Performance Art pieces by a watchmaker – and the first to endow a Horological Machine with a new complication.

To create MOONMACHINE, Stepan has reconfigured HM3 Frog by 90° and added his iconic moon-face moon-phase indicator complication set in a scintillating firmament of northern stars.

Based on Stepan’s own face, the phase of the moon is displayed through a signature Korona-shaped aperture, while the mystery winding rotor takes the form of a steel and 22k gold disc with laser-pierced stars forming constellations visible in the northern sky.

HM3 Frog was chosen as the MOONMACHINE platform because the large movement opening in the dial side provides space for the watchmaker to play – and the bulbous indication domes of the Frog are reminiscent of how science fiction buffs have long imagined habitable domes on the Moon.

MOONMACHINE may portray the time in a playful manner, but there is nothing but serious attention to detail and care regarding the fine hand-finishing of the high-tuned engine purring within.

The multi-layered northern sky rotor adds a stunning background to the twin hand-finished moon faces and makes use of its motion to add vivacity to the moving stars.

MOONMACHINE is available in three limited editions of 18 pieces each: titanium case with white gold moon faces in a light blue sky, black titanium case with white gold moon faces in a dark blue sky and red gold case with red gold moon faces in an anthracite sky.


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MoonMachine Black Face
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MoonMachine Black Profile
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Eléonor Picciotto
Anthony Franklin
Patrice Parietti
Stepan Sarpaneva
Jacques-Adrien Rochat
Stéphane Balet
Guillaume Thévenin
Didier Dumas
Maximilian Büsser
Eric Giroud
Georges Veisy
Ian Skellern
Régis Golay
Georges Auer
Dominique Mainier
Martin Stettler
Denis Parel
Isabelle Vaudaux
Florian Courbat
Nicolas Stalder
Guillaume Schmitz
Bertrand Jeunet
Victor Rodriguez
Olivier Purnot
Hervé Estienne
David Lamy
Serge Kriknoff
Charris Yadigaroglou
Virginie Meylan
Jean-Marc Wiederrecht
Denis Garcia
Maarten van der Ende
Marc André Deschoux
Gérald Moulière
François Bernhard


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MOONMACHINE black titanium case with
white gold moon face on dark blue sky
Limited edition of 18 pieces


MOONMACHINE titanium case with
white gold moon face on light blue sky
Limited edition of 18 pieces


MOONMACHINE red gold case with
red gold moon face on anthracite sky
Limited edition of 18 pieces

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MOONMACHINE is based on a specially configured HM3 Frog and the moon complication was imagined, designed and created by Stepan Sarpaneva. It is available in three limited editions of 18 pieces each.


  • Natural titanium case, white gold moon faces, light blue sky, limited edition of 18 pieces
  • Black titanium case, white gold moon faces, dark blue sky, limited edition of 18 pieces
  • Red gold case, red gold moon faces, anthracite sky, limited edition of 18 pieces
  • Indication domes configured perpendicular to wrist.
  • Screwed-down crown
  • Dimensions (exclusive of crown and lugs): 47mm x 50mm x 19mm
  • Number of case components: 55


  • Three-dimensional horological engine designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor;
  • Powered by a Sowind base, modified by Stepan Sarpaneva
  • Balance oscillating at 28,800 bph.
  • DLC coated and star-pieced steel and 22k gold automatic winding rotor
  • Hour and minutes information transmitted via ceramic ball bearings to rotating domes.
  • Number of jewels: 36 (all functional)
  • Number of components: 319


  • Hour on one dome (aluminium dome rotating in 12 hours)
  • Minutes on second dome (aluminium dome rotating in 60 minutes)
  • Moon phase displayed by dual moons rotating under a Korona ring

Sapphire crystals:

  • Domes and both display backs with anti-reflective treatment on both faces.


  • Rotating aluminium domes – 0.58g

Strap & Buckle:

  • Black hand-stitched alligator with 18K gold & titanium custom designed deployment buckle


  1. Hour
  2. Minute
  3. Moon phase

1. Winding

Your watch is equipped with an automatic movement and a screwed-down crown.
If it has stopped, turn the crown anticlockwise to slide the crown out (position 1) and wind the crown a few turns (clockwise).


2. time setting

turn the crown anticlockwise and slide it fully out (position 2). turn the crown to correct time.


3. moon phase setting

to adjust the moon phase, gently position the supplied tool in the corrector hole, which is located on the top of the case.

Warning: to avoid damaging the moon phase gear train, do not adjust the moon phase between 8:00 pm and 3:00 am.